Unleashing Innovation in Mature Companies

Unleashing Innovation Power in Mature Companies

How to combine an entrepreneurial innovation culture with an optimized core business?


26 – 27 August 2019


DKK 10.000 excl. VAT

The largest risk facing corporations is a lack of innovation that results in tangible business growth. Short term business pressures magnify this risk. Hence leading innovation is essential for leaders of the future. How can your management team build an strategic innovation capability so that the optimized core performance engine and entrepreneurial innovation initiative benefit from one another?


With this module, you will gain the ability to:

  • Formulate the strategic innovation imperative. Acquire a concrete view of the strategic drivers of disruption in your industry and of the models to build an innovation capability.
  • Learn directly from preeminent practitioners and case studies. Engage with the leaders who organized or catalyzed innovation at major Danish corporates in international markets.
  • Use a proven framework to systematically build innovation engines. Apply a framework elaborated from US best practices and the experience from 26 Scandinavian companies.
  • Foresee innovation management pitfalls. Analyze the diversity in culture, roles and processes and take adequate action.
  • Access to frameworks and a toolkit. Capability to work with the innovation issues back home in your organisation.
  • Design action plans. Develop your plans to re-evaluate your company strategy and innovation-based opportunities, starting with small engagements during the course.


Here are some of the questions this module will explore:

  • Why is it so challenging to renew an existing business?
  • How come that so little of the front-end innovation activity in mature companies result in significant new business growth?
  • Should innovation be inside or outside the core business?
  • How to combine an entrepreneurial mindset and a lean core business?
  • What do I want to do – and what is my role as an innovation leader?
  • How do I unleash the innovation power in my company?

The module will address the stated questions and provide some insights to inspire you to start experimenting.


  • Senior managers responsible for orchestrating innovation in established companies
  • Innovation champions and aspiring innovation leaders


Jakob HolstJakob Holst has been Director of DTU Executive School of Business. He heads the Corporate Entrepreneurship Leadership (CEL™) program in which he has helped 26 large companies conceive 78 new business ventures over the past 10 years. Jakob has 20 years of industry experience, including TDC (You See) in positions as VP of international wholesale markets, Director for 3G/Mobile Broadband, Head of product development, Investment Director for Corporate Ventures, Strategy Director, and Head of mobile consumer marketing and products. Jakob has experience from board positions in 5 IT start-up companies.

Thomas WeikopThomas Weikop has been an active venture partner in the Mobile, Media and Technology industry since 1995. He is the former director at MobileLife Danske Bank – digital transformation of the financial sector. Thomas was CEO for Neo Ideo A/S an internet consultancy company that was acquired by US based Bcom3, CEO and investor in Goviral a global media company that was acquired by US based AOL, Family Mobile in partnership with IKEA in the UK that was acquired by Coms, Chairman of the Board for eLounge.com.

Practical Info

DKK 10.000 excl. VAT
Incl. teaching material and lunch

26 – 27 August 2019

8:30 – 16:30, both days


DTU Business
Building 421
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

What people are saying:

“This program contains essential knowledge and insights from research as well as real life work that are mandatory to do innovation in an efficient way”, Business Innovation Director, LEGO

“Very inspirational programme, provided valuable new insights on leading Innovation in large companies”, Senior Vice President, Novo Nordisk

“This program provided an intense and thorough exploration of what innovation can be in organizations and companies across a number of industries. The facilitators were excellent in creating an environment where participants felt comfortable in sharing – both successes and failures – and contributing to the overall direction of the discussion.”.  Manager, DIS Study Abroad

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