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DTU Winter Academy

DTU Winter Academy

Essentials for Leaders of the Future
How can digitalization improve safety, quality, and traceability in food production and thereby increase consumer value?

Dates: 31 January – 1 February 2019

Price: DKK 9.800 excl. VAT

Intended Audience
Decision makers for business strategy and planning, production managers specialists in companies and in authorities & NGOs.

Module Description
Digitalization is everywhere, massive amounts of data are generated on a daily basis in companies around the world. The question is: how to create value from this data in in ways that strengthen business models? This question is of vital importance, not only for an individual company but for all stakeholders along the value chain.

Data can generate documentation, traceability, transparency and, in the end, improved quality of production and higher quality products for customers. All this data from up and down the value chain, especially when combined with artificial intelligence (AI), makes production much more efficient.

These digital developments sound great but there are still many unanswered questions, ripe for discussion. Discussions about trust, safety, authorities, resources and competences, technologies, and market all need to be explored.

This module will give you the big picture view of Food Tech and digitalization and provide you with action points so that you can begin your journey towards building a new business model based upon the opportunities offered by digitalization.


Here are some of the questions this module will explore:

  • What is digitalization in Food Tech?
  • What kind of information can AI generate and how can this affect business plans in companies?
  • What is the cutting edge research at DTU in this area?
  • How does Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark (Fødevarestyrelsen) and Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (Konkurrencestyrelsen) see digitalization development in the Food Tech area?
  • What kind of resources are needed in order to benefit from data in the future?

Moreover, you will be presented with two interesting company cases and take a guided tour in DTU's Foodlab.

The module will address the stated questions and provide some insights to inspire you.


Henning Høgh JensenHenning Høgh Jensen is Head of Division, Division for Food Technology at the National Food Institute at DTU. He leads innovation activities across the department. Henning's research, teaching, and advisory roles cover the range of food topics from soil to table. Amongst others his research focuses on food technology, biorefinery, bioeconomy, development and innovation of high value commodity chains in developing countries, and organic farming.

Henning is particularly interested in innovation and collaboration with business. The Division for Food Technology has an extensive network and collaboration history with companies within the food sector.

Practical Info

Incl. teaching material and lunch 

DKK 9.800 excl. VAT

31 January – 1 February 2019

8:30 - 16:30, both days


DTU Business
Building 421
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Program Director
Ellen Als
(+45) 4525 6137

23 AUGUST 2019