Leadership and Ethics

Leadership and Ethics

DTU Winter Academy

DTU Winter Academy

Essentials for Leaders of the Future
How do you lead in a complex and ambiguous world?

Dates: 30 January 2019

Price: DKK 4.900 excl. VAT

Intended Audience
Modern leaders at any level that want to be better at leading while confronted by ambiguity and complexity

Module Description
Leaders around the world are facing a reality that is becoming more and more complex. Even though the technological development is enabling us the solve harder and more complex problems, leadership is not getting easier. On the contrary! Why is that? And how does it affect our ability to lead?

This course brings a philosophical angle to the discussion about leadership, and therefore also brings the human back on the stage as the main character, do to that fact all leaders, so far, are human beings leading other human beings.

The course will not give you all the answers to what good leadership is, but it will make you reflect upon how you yourself want to become a good leader. It will train you in the greatest tool that humans ever invented, our language, and thus give you more power to handle the complexity and ambiguity that modern leaders face every day.


Here are some of the questions this module will explore:

  • What is ethics? – How three different kinds of ethical thinking change our perception of the world
  • What is your responsibility as a leader when the world is complex and ambiguous?
  • What virtues should leaders develop in these technological times?
  • Why doubt is constructive and the leaders best friend?
  • Why dialogue is the most important discipline for leaders?
  • Who are we actually talking to, when we speak? – Very often it’s not who you think.
  • Why most leadership challenges can’t be solved?
  • Why the modern leader need to be brave in two completely different ways?

The module will enable you to pose much more relevant questions about your leadership and inspire you to continuously improve your ethical thinking, as well as improving your ability to lead while faced with complexity and ambiguity.


Kasper WarmingKasper Warming, is a Leadership Philosopher, M.Sc. Philosophy & Business Administration and Master of Business Coaching (in progress). Over the past 10 years, Kasper has been an Executive Consultant and Partner in Rigét and Qant, held inspirational speeches, and been involved in educating and coaching leaders in ethics and personal leadership. Kasper is a great communicator that inspires leaders to reflect and has the ability to bring philosophy down to earth and make it practical and easy to use for leaders at all levels. Kasper is also Professional Tennis Player, traveling the world on the ITF and ATP tour, still active on the Senior Tour.

Practical Info

Incl. teaching material and lunch 

DKK 4.900 excl. VAT

30 January 2019

8:30 - 16:30


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23 AUGUST 2019