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DTU Winter Academy

DTU Winter Academy

Essentials for Leaders of the Future
How to navigate the brave new world of sustainable energy technologies?

Dates: 30 January 2019

Price: DKK 4.900 excl. VAT

Intended Audience
Non-specialists dealing with sustainable solutions at work such as decision makers, marketing, NGO networks, public authorities, lobbyists, and politicians

Module Description
As the world gears up to face the climate challenge, new sustainable energy solutions are presented everywhere. But are they hoax or hip? This is your sustainable energy overview module. Learn to ask the right questions when you share, comment or like new ideas for sustainable energy solutions such as wind, solar and lightning solutions. Get your facts straight on sustainable energy.

DTU’s world leading specialists in sustainable solutions will guide you through the new ideas coming out of the labs, bust the myths of what you see on social media and show you the latest developments in the large research facilities at the world-renowned Risø Campus.


Here are some of the questions this module will explore:

  • What are the right questions to ask when new sustainable solutions are hyped?
  • How do we assess the relevant scale of new inventions?
  • Are wind or solar the best investment in future sustainable energy solutions?
  • Can sustainable energy solutions keep pace with increased power consumption needs when half of all cars will be electric by 2030 and new global data centers are build?

The module will address the stated questions and provide some insights to inspire you.


Anke HaganAnke Hagen is Professor and Head of Section Applied Electrochemistry at DTU Energy, has international research experiences from Germany, Japan, USA, and Denmark in areas like solid oxide cells, electrochemistry, heterogeneous catalysis and analytical chemistry. She is Danish representative in the International Energy Agency IEA, Annex 24, European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking.

Paul Michael PetersenPaul Michael Petersen is Professor in New Light Sources at DTU Fotonik. His research focuses on lasers, LEDs and biomedical optics. P. M. Petersen has authored more than 150 international scientific publications and holds 15 patents. P. M. Petersen is chairman of DOLL – a Photonics Green lab that tests and develops new lighting technology based on LED and diode laser technologies.

Christian Damsgaard JensenChristian Damsgaard Jensen is Associate Professor in the Systems Security section at DTU Compute. Christian Damsgaard Jensen is responsible for the courses in Data Security and Applied Cryptography and teaches on the courses in Distributed Systems and Current Topics in System Security. He has published more than 60 peer-reviewed papers in international journals, conferences and workshops.


Niels-Erik Clausenis associate professor at DTU Wind Energy. He has worked with wind energy research, teaching and consultancy since 2000. His research area is planning and development of wind farms including assessment of environmental impact of wind energy. He has worked as principal investigator, work package leader and latest project manager in a series of Nordic projects related to climate change, renewable energy and the Nordic energy system. During the last five years his research area has been expanded with social acceptability of wind energy and public involvement in wind projects through several research projects.        

Mac Gaunaa, Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

Asger Bech Abrahamsen, Senior Researcher, DTU Wind Energy

Henrik Bindner, Senior Researcher, DTU Electrical Engineering

Practical Info

Incl. teaching material and lunch 

DKK 4.900 excl. VAT

30 January 2019

8:30 - 16:30


DTU Risø Campus
Frederiksborgvej 399
4000 Roskilde

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