UC Berkeley Collaboration

Collaboration with UC Berkeley

DTU Executive Education and UC Berkeley have entered into a unique partnership which explores leadership concepts at the executive level that are relevant to innovation for most public and private enterprises.

Study at UC Berkeley in the Heart of Silicon Valley

The Innovation Leadership course during 1st semester of DTU’s Executive MBA, in collaboration with UC Berkeley, is an intensive four-day module meant to provide insight and inspire new thought processes about innovation leadership. The module also includes a strategy project to illuminate a future industry change that draws on technical capabilities and multidisciplinary analysis.


OPPORTUNITY RECOGNITION • On day one we focus on how executives should consider opportunities for new business in technology dependent enterprises. We consider two very interesting cases, which compare the balance between vision and future development of ecosystems with more pragmatic issues such as team management, market spaces, and resource gathering.

CHANGING THE RULES • On day two, we examine how business models adapt during the evolution of a new business. We will be introduced to various Silicon Valley pioneered concepts in innovation such as pivots, searching for effective business models, determination of technology requirements, operational measures and emergent strategies.

NEW TRENDS IN PRODUCT MANAGEMENT • Day three focuses on the key tradeoffs in the product development process including the shape of the innovation funnel, methods to ensure commitments, train schedules for products versus train schedules for platforms, and the timing for development of new platforms. We also examine the relationships among well-known best practices and more recent developments including processes that use Agile techniques and open innovation concepts. We also examine the changes in emphasis from production to cycle time to overall R&D productivity between different process models.

INNOVATION AND POLICY • The final day focuses on Innovation and Public Policy. We will draw from a recent case, which illuminates the Innovation Economy as it resides at the confluence of technology, business models, policy and the changing landscape in global competition. Thereby bringing value to students of business and technology in the classroom, executives in the board room and policy makers in the halls of government.

PROJECT • Interlaced with these topics will be a short, future oriented technology strategy project. Students will assume the role of an independent observer of industry and society. The team will start with ideation around significant social challenges or meaningful industry problems and new technology or business solutions. The team will identify and analyze past data points and societal and technical drivers to understand how they illustrate a specific trend. The group will utilize various tools from the class to analyze the change, and may map the industry landscape.

Silicon Valley Innovation Leadership Speakers

The program will include two inspiring and eye-opening lectures from Silicon Valley leaders speaking about aspects of leadership related to the case materials and lectures.


You will receive a certificate from UC Berkeley Extension upon completion of the module.

Lead Instructor

Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu
Chief Scientist, Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership
Director, Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (CET)
2009 IEOR Emerging Area Professor Award
University of California at Berkeley

For more information about this collaboration please contact:

Stephane Guerraz
(+45) 8194 2121

Mathew Rushton

(+45) 3093 2543



Program Director
Stephane Guerraz
(+45) 8194 2121

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Program Director
 Mathew Rushton
(+45) 3093 2543


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