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DTU Executive MBA class 23 starts on 20 August, 2020, so apply to the Executive MBA now to reserve your spot.

Business Inside Technology – Our Passion

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”. -Albert Einstein

Change is the essence of our existence, it is inevitable and ongoing. Today’s new technology is tomorrow’s commodity. And it requires different managerial skills and the right leadership mindset to deal with the risk and uncertainty associated with continually changing technology and business conditions. This is what we call Business inside Technology.

By joining DTU’s Executive MBA program, also called the Master in Management of Technology (MMT), you will learn how to manage and lead change and growth.

Equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively navigate a world of change is our passion and our aim, and we are confident that by the time you graduate from DTU’s Executive MBA program you will achieve a high level of professionalism for handling future business.

This professionalism is facilitated by the 3 main themes of the program: Innovation, New Business Creation and Personal Leadership.

Welcome to DTU Executive!

Stephane Guerraz
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Program Director
Stephane Guerraz

Peter Arbs
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Program Director
Peter Arbs
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Anne Malberg Horsager - nyt
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Program Director
Anne Malberg Horsager
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eMBA Quick Facts

  • Prerequisites: Minimum 5 years work experience and 3 years leadership experience plus a bachelor's degree – academic exemptions are given in cases with sufficient work or management experience.

  • Workload: 1800 hours

  • Duration: 21 months

  • Class size: Max 35  

  • Price: 380.000 DKK

  • Average age: Particpants average age is 41 years.

  • Travel: The program includes 2 international study tours.

  • Results: Many of our participants are promoted within their companies after completion of the program.

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