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Responsible Technology Leadership

Technological development issues are at the core of setting the direction of corporate strategic agendas across all industrial sectors today. In the midst of a massive transition, technology is dominating the societal agenda everywhere.

The transition towards digital and connected value-streams, leads to converting markets, ecosystems and platform business models, with radically extended societal ramifications and impact. Consequently, ethics and responsibility as organizational culture and leadership quality are currently being called for as the most crucially important competencies in operating modern businesses and organizations. In fact, responsibility is presently regarded as tech-trend number one and the key to international business development. Tech executives needs to master this discipline, learn how to role-model a genuine responsibility culture and how to constructively enter into the ongoing open universal debate. High business ethics, responsibility and sustainability are becoming the leading global business principles, and the most attractive profiling characteristics for global talents and modern customers in the future.

DTU, as a leading Nordic technical university, has historically been founded on the principles of social contribution and responsibility in applied research and the use of technology, just as it today is operating according to the UN global goals for sustainable development.

DTU Executive Business Education is now offering internationally groundbreaking executive education modules with focus on Responsible Technology Leadership. Alongside, The Responsible Technology Leadership Network will be established as an exclusive professional continuous learning and inspiration network, aimed at the modern business executives and leaders who want to be on the forefront and make a real difference throughout their professional career.   


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Program Director
Sam Kondo Steffensen
+45 31197300

Responsible Technology Leadership

  • Responsibility as culture and key leadership competence

  • Managing data ethics and security in a global context

  • Responsibility and sustainability driven business models

  • User orientation and open networks and innovation

  • Assessing technology impact and developing operating standards

  • Real-life cases, inspirations and insights

  • The Responsible Technology Leadership life-long learning network

A program designed for business executives, tech leaders & visionaries
9 AUGUST 2020