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The Idea Elevator

Are you working on a groundbreaking idea within the medico-technical industry? DTU Executive, in collaboration with Medico Innovation, has offered a customized coaching and competence building program focusing on turning your idea into your business. Using your idea as the focal point you learn how best to handle product, market and organizational issues to quickly and efficiently realize the potential value of your idea.

Making Your Idea Your Business

Thinking ParticipantEvery successful product or service, which creates value every day for patients, healthcare personnel or others started as an idea. The road from idea to business, however, is long and winding. To prove itself a true innovation an idea must first create value for users and then demonstrate that it can generate profit. On a surface level all ideas seem to have followed their own unique path. This would call for that businesses should focus on the specific set of challenges facing each initiative to mature them into businesses. But in reality these challenges tend to fall within a range of specific themes within which one can, with the proper knowledge and tools, guide projects to successful fruition. Typically, we find that entrepreneurs have the vision and ambition but lack the relevant knowledge and competencies to properly realize their idea.

The Idea Elevator is a coaching and competence-building program specifically tailored to nurturing innovation in the medical-technical industry. The program is designed with the content of the modules and the coaching sessions focusing on your specific needs.

Public/Private Innovation

Participants on the program must be teams where commercial aims are combined with experience from the health-care sector and research-based knowledge in order to promote innovation by drawing on diverse competencies. 

When applying to join the program, at least one participant must have a commercial interest in your idea. In addition the team should have participants with:
  • experience from the healthcare sector and/or 
  • research-based knowledge.   
If only one of the two requirements above can be met, Medico Innovation can help you find the last partner.


A Program That Adapts to Your Challenges

Marble MazeThe Idea Elevator is split into a number of modules of which the first two (1a + 1b) are mandatory. Participants will be offered the remaining modules based on a common understanding of what is and when it is necessary for the project. Thus, a program may only last the first two modules or stretch over several modules and months. After the first two modules the teams, faculty and staff will jointly determine what is necessary for continuing with the program.

Each module consists of 1-2 days of coaching and lectures. Simultaneously, the teams must be prepared to spend significant time on their project in addition to the scheduled modules. 

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TIE Quick Facts

  • What: TIE is a coaching and competence-building program for people with ideas within the medico-technical industry.
  • Participants: 4 teams per program.
  • Price: Participation is free and Medico Innovation pays all expenses.
  • Time considerations: In addition to the scheduled modules, participants must be prepared to spend significant time on their projects while the program runs.
  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark and Bruxelles, Belgium
19 JANUARY 2021