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Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders

What are the best uses of AI and how to get started?


28 January 2020


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With all the hype surrounding AI, it can be difficult to get a grasp of what exactly it can and can’t do. Grasping the differences between human and artificial intelligence is key to anticipating where AI techniques can be successfully employed. Get a handle on the true potential for AI, and become proficient in assessing whether a task in your line of business is ready for automation via AI or not 


With this module, you will gain the ability to:

  • Define what Artificial Intelligence is - and is not
  • Understand the various types of Artificial Intelligence, and how they mimick different aspects of human intelligence
  • Describe the similarities and difference between human and machine intelligence, and to assess which human tasks are appropriate for automation via AI
  • Visualize the potential for transformation and impact of AI, in our lives and in our businesses at various horizons,
  • Address key legal, ethical and philosophical considerations about AI, looking at both the benefits and potentially negative consequences,
  • Analyze the potential of AI in your own area of work, and which types of AI would be most relevant

Articles by Thomas Bolander: Human versus Machine Intelligence and (in Danish) Kunstig intelligens: Bliver mennesker overflødige?


Here are some of the questions this module will explore:

  • What are the current potentials of AI - and its current limitations?
  • What do we potentially win - and lose - when human decision making is replaced by machine decision making?
  • Which are the contemporary technical, legal, ethical and economical aspects of AI?
  • What is the meaning of, and differences between, concepts used to describe AI, including deep learning, machine learning, big data, cognitive computing, and artificial general intelligence?
  • Which are the main paradigms and prevalent methods of AI, as well as their respective strengths and weaknesses?
  • Which are the main characteristic differences between human and machine intelligence, and the potential in human-machine collaboration?

The module will address these questions and provide insight and inspiration you can use.


  • Business leaders who need to make strategic decisions about deploying AI in their businesses
  • Business practitioners with a general interest in AI
  • Technical professionals with an interest in the potential - and limitations - for AI 


Thomas BolanderThomas Bolander, PhD, is a professor at DTU Compute. He does research in logic and artificial intelligence (AI), with a particular focus on social aspects of AI. He serves on a number of commissions concerned with the societal aspects of AI, including the SIRI commission and the TechDK commission. Thomas has given more than 150 talks on AI, both technical research talks and talks for non-technical audiences like ministries, government agencies, think tanks and private companies. He was awarded Teacher of the Year at DTU in 2006, and received the H.C. Ørsted Medal for excellence in science communication in 2019.

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28 January 2020

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