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Big Data Business Innovation


The Big Data Business Innovation program helps make organizations better at utilizing Big Data for measurable value creation and new business activities.

What We Offer

The constant accumulation of vast amounts of data is a consequence of our society becoming increasingly digitalized and our systems and artefacts becoming ever more intelligent and connected. DTU Executive and DTU Compute has joined forces to offer this unique program, where business development and data analysis goes hand in hand with a strategic focus.

About the program

The program provides you with the essential tools to gain a larger strategic view of your own data, as well as the data of others. Based on this contextual insight, we will build competencies enabling your team to create critical extra value for the company across many vital areas and define, and pursue, new business models. The general focus is on hands-on value creation.

Key elements of the program

  • A unique opportunity to work with international experts on various key topics within Big Data
  • World-class faculty, content and on-site facilities
  • Top-level compact program design covering the strategy – learning – doing progression
  • Flexibility: Assign different key employees to the topics most relevant to them
  • Project relevant master-classes by experts, as additional support structure
  • Professional counselling available to each project at your discretion during the period
  • A unique program structure for strengthening team-building and industrial eco-systems
  • Adaption of new practices for cooperation, sharing and ownership related to Big Data
  • Project-based action-and-peer-learning opportunities across functions and industries
  • Systematic follow-up to ensure actual business results and learnings 


The target group in the company is managers and key employees within data mangement.
Your company will set a team around your big data project, which you will define before the start of the program. Depending on your project, your team will typically be a mix of business developers, data analysts and technical developers. It will be possible to send different team members to different modules, depending on what is relevant to them. Throughout the program, the team’s focus will be on your project.

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We expect that your defined big data project is of great strategic importance to your business and well anchored in the top of your organization. Team members should be motivated, and be empowered by management to prioritize and allocate the necessary time to actively participate in the program.
Seating is limited so please contact Sam Kondo Steffensen if you wish to receive more information about the program via mail: or phone: +45 3119 7300

Program partners:


Please contact
Program Director
Sam Kondo Steffensen
+45 31197300

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BDBI Quick Facts


  • Team Participation:
    Team of 3 participants: 150.000 DKK (Excl. VAT)
    Additional team participants: 35.000 DKK per participant (Excl. VAT)
    Companies can flexibly compose their team according to module content over the entire program period, in order to secure optimum value-add to projects. 
    Sign-up of participants for each module required at least one week in advance.

    The price includes all program elements: teaching, advising, seats in the master classes and on-site catering at DTU Business.

  • Individual Participation:
    1 participant: 50.000 DKK (Excl. VAT)

    The price includes all program elements: teaching, advising, seats in the master classes and on-site catering at DTU Business.


  • As part of a Big Data project funded by The Danish Industry Foundation, in 2016, DTU Business and DTU Compute developed the Big Data Business Academy programme with CLEAN, Danish Technological Institute and Alexandra Institute as partners. The BDBI program is based on valuable experience gained from this academy.
19 JANUARY 2021