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The Big Data Business Innovation program helps make organizations better at utilizing Big Data for measurable value creation and new business activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up for a single module without participating in the rest of the progam?

No, but you can always work with DTU Executive and DTU Compute on an individual basis related to a specific project within your organization, including customized workshops focusing on creating exact value and professional insights to your project. For more information, please contact us.

How do you integrate theory and practice?

Flexibility and value creation are the key words of this program. Participants will define and work on their own company relevant project throughout the program. Models and theory is therefore adapted to the participants experience, knowledge and challenges.  It will also be possible for companies to change out key employees during the program, so that each employee is assigned the topics most relevant to their work. This way we ensure that knowledge is directed to where it is most useful and relevant for the company.

How large are the classes?

A class will usually consist of approx. 40 participants. However companies are able to change out their teams for each module, making sure key employees are assigned to the topics most relevant to them.

In what language is the teaching conducted?

All lectures and presentations will be conducted in English.

Please contact
Program Director
Sam Kondo Steffensen
+45 31197300

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BDBI Quick Facts


  • Team Participation:
    Team of 3 participants: 150.000 DKK (Excl. VAT)
    Additional team participants: 35.000 DKK per participant (Excl. VAT)
    Companies can flexibly compose their team according to module content over the entire program period, in order to secure optimum value-add to projects. 
    Sign-up of participants for each module required at least one week in advance.

    The price includes all program elements: teaching, advising, seats in the master classes and on-site catering at DTU Business.

  • Individual Participation:
    1 participant: 50.000 DKK (Excl. VAT)

    The price includes all program elements: teaching, advising, seats in the master classes and on-site catering at DTU Business.


  • As part of a Big Data project funded by The Danish Industry Foundation, in 2016, DTU Business and DTU Compute developed the Big Data Business Academy programme with CLEAN, Danish Technological Institute and Alexandra Institute as partners. The BDBI program is based on valuable experience gained from this academy.
19 JANUARY 2021