Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership – CEL™

Stay ahead in a competitive market

To be a frontrunner and a winner in an increasingly competitive market space, companies need to be better at renewing their business opportunities while optimizing their core business. Expanding and renewing a company’s core business is remarkably different from optimizing it. CEL™ is the proven business innovation programme for leaders who want to turn opportunities, intentions and ideas into sustainable business growth.

High impact action learning and business creation

CEL™ is a high impact action learning programme for participants and their corporate sponsors. Theory and practice are combined by utilizing your company's new business opportunity as the basis for learning throughout the programme.

World class faculty, power tools and coaching

The experienced Corporate Entrepreneurship Experts from the world’s leading Business Schools both teach and coach participants in how to apply what they learn to their specific projects.

Anne Malberg Horsager - nyt
Programme Director
Anne Malberg Horsager
(+45) 2190 6710

Learning and development

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