Why Mixing Alumni Communities Takes Networking to the Next Level!

Monday 08 Jun 15

Joined Forces

It is no secret that when it comes to networking most Executives MBA schools put in a great effort to offer their Alumni network the best chance to continue development of leadership skills, networking with peers and upgrade of the individual´s professional skills. Often it is a challenge to offer these Alumni a unforgettable and unique experience as these executives and professionals often attend networking events that always try to promote a hot subject and a unique and spectacular speaker.

However, after doing this for many years we asked our selves how we could make a true difference and deliver a setting that would make our alumni to be even more inspired and let loose but still deliver serious input to continuous development of leadership skills! Extensive interviews with leaders from our Alumni groups revealed a wide-spread desire to acquire new professional leadership competencies to cope with the present business challenges such as low growth rates and steadily more obsolete products, processes and business models. There was also a need for an even larger well-functioning professional network for experience and knowledge sharing among peers.

This insight gave us the opportunity be bold and create a new concept – AlumniPlus in collaboration with the SIMI Alumni Association and the DTU Business Alumni Association as a response to their desire to continue their development as leaders. AlumniPlus has now been designed as a series of one or two days workshops in different environments and settings where participants get exclusive professional input from leading experts about burning current business and leadership issues.

The first AlumniPlus event took place in April 2015 at AFUK. Professor Dr. Daniel F. Muzyka from The Conference Board of Canada took it to Next Level by guiding 80 participants through a stunning two days workshop addressing the issue of how to compete through innovation in the 21 Century.


For two full days we gathered the group at AFUK (The Academy For Untamed Creativity) and the participants were taken through a comprehensive program including lectures, workshops, group work and real life cases. Based upon the feedback we received we have found the right recipe, and we are now looking ahead towards the next two events taking place later this year. On 26 September we will have the visit of Dr Marshall Goldsmith, who is one of the World’s top-ranked executive coaches, and 27 November Dr. Sandra Sieber from IESE Business school will host an event on how “Digital transformation and how it will affect your business” …

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