Managing for Growth Class 1

Congratulations to Managing for Growth Class 1

Friday 29 May 15

Well done!


Last week we celebrated graduation for the participants of Managing for Growth Class 1 who finalized their four-month journey to become even sharper at creating growth for their companies.


The group had energetic participants from a number of successful Danish companies including Alfa Laval, Danfoss, DONG Energy, Egmont, Foss, Hempel, Hilti, Novozymes and Siemens Windpower bringing a diverse perspective to the challenges posed by their project hosts. They also represented a wide range of professional functions ranging from Supply Chain, Marketing, Human Resources, CIO, Commercial and R&D. Organisational levels spanning Team Leader to member of the Executive Board in a large industrial player posed no issues in the internal discussions rather it ensured that the projects were analyzed from a variety of perspectives.


At the exam the groups demonstrated that they had absorbed the intensive teaching by our very competent international faculty in the 15 full day sessions. The curriculum covers the entire value chain of a company and gives a unique insight into how the participants from their individual perspectives can influence and optimize the value creation.


In parallel with the teaching the groups worked on their actual growth cases provided by a number of varying project hosts both large corporations and smaller entities ensuring that the new knowledge through the action-learning methodology  is anchored for future use in their home companies.  Our external examiner was very satisfied with the project reports and the presentations given to him and rewarded this with very impressive grades.



The success continues


Are you also tasked with creating sustainable growth this autumn? If so we have just the program to accelerate your growth enabling skills. Please join us from 17th August where the next class of the highly successful Managing for Growth program kicks off on its four-month journey with experienced managers onboard. We travel through the entire value chain looking at Strategy, Marketing, Innovation, Operations, Financial Analytics, Change Management and Communication giving you useful tools and frameworks to master this elusive task.


The program takes place at DTU’s Lyngby campus in the exclusive executive facilities at DTU Business and is taught by very competent international faculty and experts sharing their valuable knowledge, research and insights in a pragmatic format designed to help you become even more efficient in your daily management role.


Please read more here for more information and for securing your place already today! 



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19 JANUARY 2021