Participants in Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership - CEL™

CEL-participants sign up in teams of 2-5 people, representing different stakeholders both internally and externally. The participants come from various positions such as Research and Development, Business Development, Innovation, Sales, Marketing, HR, Supply Chain, Finance, or Program Management. Their positions include middle managers, key specialists, project managers or key employees involved in the support and governance of growth.


"The CEL programme has forced us to think in terms of organization, market, and resources instead of only the technical aspects." 
- Georg Timper, FLSmidt

"I appreciate two things about the faculty interaction: The personalization during class and the faculty interact with us a lot. The questions are kept alive during class by including examples from own projects."
- Catherine Smitt Meyer, Haldor Topsoe

"A very strong aspect of the CEL programme is the choice of teachers. They were all from the top league of the innovation leadership world. They struck me as not only excellent in their respective fields of expertise, but also as inspirational figures with extensive experience to share, and just cool people."
- Agata Gallas-Hulin, DBI


The participants bring a project that is important to their organisation, their team, and their sponsors. The team work on the project during the CEL-programme equips the participants with the ability to clarify ideas, incubate and mature these ideas into businesses, and ultimately accelerate them to enhance company growth. The participants will also learn how to navigate new business projects in an organization with a highly optimized core business.

Anne Malberg Horsager - nyt
Programme Director
Anne Malberg Horsager
(+45) 2190 6710

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