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Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership – Program Design

Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership™

Be succesful in business innovation and product development and prepare your company for the future. CEL™ is a proven 7-month executive program where managers learn how to turn opportunities into profitable businesses.

CEL™ Program Design

CEL™ Program Design

The CEL™ Program is divided into four modules grouped around the three distinct phases of the business innovation project process. Module 1, Discovery, is all about creation, recognition, articulation, and elaboration of opportunities. Module 2, Incubation, is about experimentation with both market, organizational, and technical aspects of the identified opportunities. Module 3, Acceleration, is about how to successfully go to market and scale up the growth.

All About CEL™

Anne Malberg Horsager - nyt
Don't hesitate to contact
Program Director
Anne Malberg Horsager
(+45) 2183 5673

Don't hesitate to contact
Program Coordinator
Marie Buur Madsen
(+45) 4525 6113 

CEL™ Schedule 2019-20

Module 1a & 1b
19-21 August

Module 2a & 2b
16-17 September
9-10 October

Module 3a, 3b & 3c
25-26 November
4-5 December
22-23 January 2020

Module 4a, 4b & 4c
21 January 2020
2 March 2020
11 March 2020

28 MARCH 2020