Testimonials about CEL™

Georg Timper, FLSmidth

"I would say that every company working or wanting to work in innovation should send their employees who have project ideas to participate in a course such as the CEL programme. The course offers them an accelerated start at these projects by giving them the tools and frameworks that they will not pick up otherwise." 

Agata Gallas-Hulin, DBI

"The main aspect that I take from the programme is that the management style and methods taught at CEL are not only applicable to innovation projects but also to any complex project that we meet in our daily life. Core team structure, business learning plan, implementation strategy, and targeted communication style to name a few that I keep using daily on strategic projects within our company."

Catherine Smitt Meyer, Haldor Topsoe

"The education targets a process. The benefit of the programme is that it is a journey and this journey aspect of the programme is in focus. What has been obvious to me, is how much of the material can be applied in my daily job. The greatest asset of the programme has been understanding the environment that I am already in. I had previous training within leadership, and I think the financial aspect of the CEL programme is what really brings me to the next level."


Benoit Bidoggia, FLSmidth

"The two most important aspects I take from this course are that teamwork is very important and that often the technical aspects of a project are less important than other aspects such as resources and organisation."


Kim Hedegaard Andersen, Haldor Topsøe A/S

"Every company that considers innovation and growth to be important should enrol a team in the CEL™ Program."

Jens Henrik Hansen, Total

I have made great use of the tools, methods and general knowledge CEL™ provided me and consider the programme outstanding in the area of entrepreneurship.”

Mette Salling-Mortensen, Vestas Wind Systems A/S

"The CEL Programme equipped my team with a number of useful tools. Also, it was inspiring to meet participants from other companies experiencing the same challenges. It's one thing to have a good idea, it's another thing to mature and 'sell' it to the rest of the organisation." 

Martin Bastian Pedersen, Sacco s.r.l

"No question about it, this was the most interesting and fruitful programme I ever participated in. I am a scientist by training and the CEL™ programme took my understanding of business, innovation and entrepreneurship to a whole new level, which positively affected my career choices and opportunities."


Michael Druckenmiller, FLSmidth Inc..

"An excellent course, much better than many I have been involved in. Definitely worth the trip from the US every few weeks."

Anne Malberg Horsager - nyt
Programme Director
Anne Malberg Horsager
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