EMBA Alumni

DTU Executive MBA Alumni Association

The EMBA Alumni Association is a non-profit organisation open to everyone who has joined or are currently studying DTU’s Executive MBA. The purpose of the alumni association is to gather members across education, classes and years to create a common framework for continued improvement of skills and a strong network.


The strength of our network

Working together intensively over 21 months often creates safe and trusting relationships. Those safe and trusting relationships are highly valuable for us as Executives. That is in order to share and explore our practice, be challenged by our peers and keep learning.


Learning is often rife where there is diversity and as you may remember, there is much diversity in the profiles of the Alumni at DTU. The diversity of each class is what enables us to best address the themes in our MBA: Leadership, Innovation, Technology, Digitalization and Sustainability. That is our strength!


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Ongoing activities and events are managed via the EMBA Alumni on LinkedIn and when appropriate, via direct emailing.

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The Alumni Board have planned a range of activities throughout the year. Some of those activities are face-to-face and others are virtual. The diagram below captures the activities.





Face-to-face activities:


  • Reunion – The reunion is a one-day event at DTU. Once a year. Organized by the Alumni board, through consultation with Alumni. Involving Faculty.


  • Tryouts – Tryouts are half-day events at DTU. Typically six Tryouts each year. Designed to give prospective students a flavor of the Executive MBA at DTU. Organized by Program Directors. Tryouts are taught by the Faculty.


  • Out and About – Evening events, close to DTU. Twice a year. Organized by the Alumni board, through consultation with Alumni.


  • Electives – Electives are two-day events at DTU. Typically two or three electives each year. The topic of the elective is selected by the existing class. Electives are taught by the Faculty. Organized by Program Directors.

Virtual activities, through the Alumni Platform:


  • Interest Groups – An online discussion forum with Alumni. Interest groups can be established at any time by Alumni. No fixed duration. Alumni can join and leave an interest group at any time.


  • Hotseats – An online discussion forum with an Expert. Hotseats are established three times a year by the Alumni Board, through consultation with Alumni. Fixed duration of 12-weeks. Alumni can join and leave a Hotseat at any time.


  • Book Review – Book reviews are published by the Alumni board, through consultation with the Faculty and Alumni. Published four times a year.


For the Reunion, Tryouts, Out-and-about, Electives and Book Review, the purpose of the activities is to up-to-date with new practices related to the framework and focus-areas of the MBA program at DTU and within the context of the external environment.


For Interest Groups and Hotseats, the purpose of the activities is to seek advice from other Alumni and Experts, share learning and build new insights.