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DTU's Executive MBA class 23 starts on 20 August, 2020, so apply to the Executive MBA now to reserve your spot.


DTU's Executive MBA program, also called the Master in Management of Technology (MMT), is the leading Nordic MBA in Innovation, New Business Creation and Personal Leadership. The program uses the technological base your company as the starting point for teaching you how to design, manage and implement the sort of innovation and change that generates new commercial opportunities.

DTU’s Executive MBA program prioritizes value creation over administration. If you seek to upgrade your managerial qualifications as an innovative leader, we are confident that our program will give you the tools you need.

Core Concepts

Innovation is essential to the growth of Danish companies and is often rooted in new technologies. Without regularly renewing products, services, processes, and business concepts companies risk losing market share. For this reason our Executive MBA Program, focuses on Innovation, New Business Creation and Personal Leadership.

Why DTU’s Executive MBA?

Innovation is essential to the growth of companies and we at DTU Business are convinced that there is great potential for growth and creativity in existing companies. It is our firm belief that the potential for value creation is unleashed in a learning environment where the proper frameworks, tool sets, methods, and concepts are applied to real-life projects. The track record of our participants' success over the past 20 years has only strengthened our belief in this concept.

All themes in DTU’s Executive MBA are systematically linked to real world business challenges faced by your company through assignments, projects, and sponsor dialogues. In this way, you provide positive input to your company right from the beginning of the program.

The structure of DTU’s Executive MBA is designed to tackle the increasing challenges facing Danish companies as a result of new technology developments and globalisation. These developments are changing the fundamental principles of doing business and no branch, leader, or company is immune from their effects.

DTU’s Executive MBA:

  • Provides theories, concepts, frameworks, and tools in various management disciplines

  • Provides a methodology for conducting business research and consultancy projects

  • Enables the practice and application of managerial theories, concepts, frameworks, and tools on real world consultancy assignments in Denmark and globally

  • Enables excellence in leading for innovation and managing innovation processes

  • Enables development of an individual’s personal leadership skills

  • Provides the mechanisms and environment for a value creating interaction between participants, faculty, and private and public organizations.

Peter Arbs
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Program Director
Peter Arbs
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Anne Malberg Horsager - nyt
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Anne Malberg Horsager
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Stephane Guerraz
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Stephane Guerraz

eMBA Quick Facts

  • Prerequisites: Minimum 5 years work experience and 3 years leadership experience plus a bachelor's degree – academic exemptions are given in cases with sufficient work or management experience.

  • Workload: 1800 hours

  • Duration: 21 months

  • Class size: Max 35  

  • Price: 380.000 DKK

  • Average age: Particpants average age is 41 years.

  • Travel: The program includes 2 international study tours.

  • Results: Many of our participants are promoted within their companies after completion of the program.

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