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DTU's Executive MBA – Practical Information


DTU's Executive MBA class 23 starts on 20 August, 2020, so apply to the Executive MBA now to reserve your spot.

What's The Executive MBA Going to Cost Me?

The total cost for DTU’s Executive MBA is DKK 380,000  excl. VAT. This price the includes the following:

Tuition fee: DKK 315,000
Materials, food and beverage: DKK 25,000
2 International Study Tours: DKK 40,000

The tuition fee includes an iPad with keyboard for accessing the course materials. The 2 International Study Tours are an integral part of the program and take place in the first and third semesters.

One month prior to the start of each semester you will be sent an invoice of 95,000 excl. VAT. The cost of the program can be covered by you, your company, or you can arrange to split the cost between both parties. Substantial cost savings can be gained by applying the Gross Income Tax Credit (bruttolønsordning). For further information, please go to or check out our video:

To learn more about the possibilities for financing DTU’s Executive MBA program, please contact:

Program Director Peter Arbs: or (+45) 2029 2510.

How Much Time Will I Use on the Executive MBA?

DTU’s Executive MBA is an intensive program and requires a total work effort of approximately 1,800 hours, i.e. around 20 hours per week including teaching sessions and preparation.

Classes are held every second Friday and Saturday. Each class is divided into two sessions of 3½ hours each lasting from 08:30 to 12:00 and from 13:00 until 16:30, with a lunch break from 12:00 to 13:00.

How Nice is DTU Executive?

DTU Executive has its own building (Building 421) on DTU campus, designed specifically for the Executive MBA program. The facilities include an amphitheater-shaped auditorium withevery modern teaching amenity. There is a wireless network throughout the building as well as an Ethernet port by each seat, ensuring pervasive connectivity to the internet.

DTU Executive also has eight separate group rooms, as well as a lounge area with a library. There is also a flexible and multi-purpose dining area.

Can I Come to DTU Business Whenever I Want?

During your tenure on the program you will have access to DTU Executive 24 hours a day.

How Many Books am I Going to Have to Buy?

All reading materials are provided by DTU Executive and are included in the program cost.

Peter Arbs
Please contact
Program Director
Peter Arbs
(+45) 2029 2510

Anne Malberg Horsager - nyt
Please contact 
Anne Malberg Horsager
(+45) 2190 6710

Stephane Guerraz
Please contact 
Stephane Guerraz

eMBA Quick Facts

  • Prerequisites: Minimum 5 years work experience and 3 years leadership experience plus a bachelor's degree – academic exemptions are given in cases with sufficient work or management experience.

  • Workload: 1800 hours

  • Duration: 21 months

  • Class size: Max 35  

  • Price: 380.000 DKK

  • Average age: Particpants average age is 41 years.

  • Travel: The program includes 2 international study tours.

  • Results: Many of our participants are promoted within their companies after completion of the program.

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