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DTU Executive has for years been a frontrunner in setting the nation-wide healthcare innovation agenda from an action-oriented leadership and execution perspective. DTU is de facto the established “Making it Happen” delivery brand to society. Our executive health innovation education builds on strong DTU's core competencies, unmatched legacy, and extensive international network.

Real-life Healthcare Innovation - The Learning Universe

DTU Healthcare Innovation Leadership initiatives reach beyond proven successful programs, forming an advanced learning universe in line with the needs of health and life-science professionals for continuous executive learning.
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The Innovation Leadership Challenge (ILC) Program

A unique international legacy program (jointly with UC Berkeley) focused on the leadership challenges for top management in establishing and supporting systemic innovation activities within healthcare and life-sciences. Cross-functional teams conducting actionable, real-life innovation project work is central to the learning experience. Through the years, many projects have developed into actual healthcare innovations. The ILC program is designed to incorporate cooperation with leading healthcare innovation agenda setters from the US, Europe, and Asia. The program attracts a wide range of top management from regional and municipal level government facilities, leading universities, organizations, and private industry (Novo Nordisk, Novartis, LEO Pharma, Siemens, Radiometer, etc.)
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The Danish Healthcare Innovation Leadership Network

The diverse representation of top level managers on the ILC program through the years, has resulted in a highly influential alumni group of more than 150 key stakeholders across the entire Danish healthcare and life sciences value chain. Our participants have all experienced the same intensive education process at DTU Executive and in the US, giving them a common reference frameworks and experiences. The network is established on this foundation and offers continuous innovation leadership development opportunities through seminar meetings, unique key-notes, on-line learning platforms, study tours, knowledge exchange networks, etc.
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Leveraging DTU Healthcare & Life Science Competencies

The world-class healthcare and life science research activities at DTU, as well as at our partner institutions, maintain the high standard characterizing our executive healthcare innovation leadership education. These include:

  • Cachet (Copenhagen Center for Health Technology)
    A strategic partnership between the Capital Region of Denmark, the City of Copenhagen, the Medical and Health Faculty at the University of Copenhagen, and DTU

  • DTU Bioinformatics (including DTU Life Science Center)
    Biotechnological informatics, health informatics, personalized medicine, quantitative genomics and systems biology. Running projects combining big data and laboratory research via the The Computerome and the molecular genomics laboratories.

  • DTU Management Science – Healthcare (including Operational Excellence)
    Employing tools from human factors and ergonomics, lean management, statistics, data mining, machine learning, econometrics, simulation and mathematical optimization to support health care authorities in providing high quality care efficiently while factoring in the wellbeing of healthcare professionals.

  • MedTech Innovation
    A nation-wide public innovation network within medico technology

  • High-tech Summit (co-hosting healthtech and life-science sessions)
    Major technology trend and research summit hosted at DTU, with a strong healthcare, medico and life-science track.

  • EIT Health
    DTU is a core partner to EIT Health Network and connects to several of the European partner institutions, actively linking into the DTU Executive health innovation learning universe.

  • Danish University Partners
    DTU Executive collaborates with healthcare innovation and improvement research at other Danish universities. Also, leading faculty members from universities such as Copenhagen University and Aalborg University join us as participants on our ILC programs.

International Network

DTU Executive is constantly expanding our international partner network of leading healthcare innovation and improvement practitioners. Today our cooperative network comprises partners from the Nordic countries, Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, and the US and Canada. Network study tours are take our participants to several of these destinations. Our global network reciprocates by sending authoritative keynote speakers and providing access to studies, which are brought into the learning universe.
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Future Agenda – Global Scale Insights

DTU Executive has a new initiative within healthcare innovation, having forged a partnership with Future Agenda (UK) that runs the world’s largest open foresight program. Future Agenda brings together multiple views on a global scale to assess and inform on key changes, opportunities, and coming challenges in the healthcare industry. In Particular, our joint activities are planned in respect a major global research project on the future of patient data. The project will examine how evolution in data creation, availability, and sharing are reshaping the way personal health and patient data is managed and are providing individuals with greater autonomy, control, and access to their health information – while also ensuring improved safety and security.
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MedTech Bridge is a non-profit program established to help Danish medical device and digital health companies cross the ocean and successfully materialize their potential in the US or scale their existing business even further.


The partners behind MedTech Bridge has gathered resources from Denmark and the US to develop programs, activities and best practice learnings to cater for the different needs Danish SME’s have when planning for or entering the US healthcare market or to improve their current business in the US

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Customized Executive Programs – Healthcare Innovation, Improvement, Excellence

Tailored executive development programs and project partnerships within innovation leadership, innovation portfolio management, innovation design and processes, idea-competitions, healthcare service improvement, optimization, and operational rethinking.

Operational Excellence

Several new initiatives related to effectiveness and quality optimizations, including health data management improvements, are being planned under the program title “Operational Excellence in Healthcare”. The primary aim is to create project based competencies for achieving and measuring value-creating efficiencies and intelligence, specifically in the wake of recent major public investments in new hospitals and electronic patient record data systems.

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Program Director
Sam Kondo Steffensen
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Professor Emeritus
Peter Bruun
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The Future of Patient Data Report
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The Future of Patient Data 2018

18 JANUARY 2021