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Innovation Leadership Challenge - Senior Executive Program

Focused on establishing and supporting innovation activities within healthcare and life science this program deals with innovation leadership challenges as experienced by top management in initiating, supporting and operating innovation activities.

About ILC

Ageing population, new diagnosis and treatments collide with a scarcity of resources requiring the healthcare sector to rethink and innovate offerings and processes.

Leadership challenges as experienced by top management in initiating, supporting and operating innovation activities are key. The focus is on establishing a leadership system, especially for managing a portfolio of innovation projects, not on managing a specific innovation project.

Key Elements of the program:

  1. A shared mindset and an initial understanding of the hospital & healthcare innovation system among top leaders within this field, in cooperation with executives from related institutions, e.g. municipalities and/or private partner companies.
  2. A process for identifying and dealing with specific leadership challenges for supporting the healthcare leadership innovation system.
  3. A plan for specific actions for the implementation of such a system, incl. the role of senior management
  4. An active corps of “innovation champions” among hospital & healthcare executives
  5. Cooperative relationships with municipalities and/or private partner companies – as integrated part of a sustainable innovation system.

The program is structured around a process for identifying the present Innovation Leadership Challenges (ILC) for the healthcare organisation in question and for establishing an action plan to handle these challenges. At DTU and at UC Berkeley, the participants will be introduced to conceptual models, theories and tools to apply in handling such challenges, while building sustainable managerial capabilities.

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The program is composed of a kick-off plus three modules at DTU Executive School of Business in combination with a one-week stay at Haas School of Executive Business, UC Berkeley, California.


Each participant team, comprising executives across sectors from public and private Health Care service providers, works on an identified Innovation Leadership Challenge of strategic importance. This challenge will serve as a vehicle for anchored discussions and explorations, and in relation to which a solution will be designed through teamwork sessions supported by coaching. 

A specific result of the program is the final proposal of the Innovation Leadership Challenge, which is being designed for implementation, and execution oriented follow-up and learning, in each team’s selected area of focus. 

Additionally, a strong peer network, of great future potential, will be established in context of the program outline, with close links and collaborative ties among the various participants on the program, as foundation for making innovation happen.

Please contact
Program Director
Sam Kondo Steffensen
+45 3119 7300

Please contact
Professor Emeritus
Peter Bruun
+45 4525 6112

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ILC Quick Facts


  • Deadline for sign-up:
    March 22nd, 2019

  • Program starts June 19th, 2019

  • Contact Program Director Sam Kondo Steffensen

  • Pricing: DKK 75,000 DKK per participant excluding travel and accommendation in the US