EMBA tryout 25 June

Virtual EMBA-Tryout - Strategic Resilience

In a turbulent age, the only dependable advantage is superior capacity for reinventing your business model before circumstances force you to. Achieving such strategic resilience is not easy.

Join us when Professor Liisa Välikangas, from DTU Management, will frame and lead a discussion around Strategic Resilience. The event will involve sharing our leadership experiences in strategic resilience and building new understanding on how the current pandemic is shaping our organizations and the business environment for the future.

The discussion will build on an early article by Gary Hamel and Liisa, ‘The quest for Resilience’ published in Harvard Business Review. The article will be distributed for reading in advance. You will be invited to share examples of how leadership has helped your organization move forward.

There will be two activities in break-out rooms. This means that you will have the opportunity to connect with potential classmates.



Liisa Välikangas

Liisa Välikangas · Innovation and Management 
Professor Liisa Välikangas teaches strategic leadership at DTU Management. Previously she has been affiliated with Aalto University  in Helsinki, Stanford University, London Business School and Keio University in Japan. She has also worked for Strategos, a strategic management consulting firm, and SRI International in California's Silicon Valley. She is known for her publications in strategic renewal and resilience. 

Liisa Välikangas joins DTU Management



Virtual event on Zoom. 


End of business day on Tuesday 23 June 



Thu 25 Jun 20
9:00 - 12:00


Virtual event on Zoom
15 JULY 2020