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Program Design

MfGManaging for Growth is an intensive 4-month executive program aimed at giving you the skills and frameworks across management disciplines needed to create profitable growth. By using experienced international faculty through action learning, the program provides you with the tools you need.

Seeing Opportunities

Module 1: Understanding the Industry and Plotting the Strategy

In the module you learn to understand the forces that make up an industry, how to position a company versus its competitors, how strategy is developed and how to identify avenues for profi table growth.

Module 2: Turning Innovation into your Growth Engine

You will learn how to make innovation more than a buzz-word by combining the art and the science of innovation. You learn how to incorporate both the voice of the customer and the voice of the company and how to give customers what they don’t know how to ask for.

Module 3: Driving Profits through Customer Focus

By developing the frameworks and skills to diagnose customer and corporate buying needs, you learn to spot the opportunities for creating more value for your customer and learn to create coherent business models and marketing plans.

Rethinking the Mechanics

Module 4: Financial Analytics and Investment Decisions

Learning the essentials of fi nance will give you an in-depth understanding of company balance, income and cash-flow and the economic component of projects and investment decisions. You will learn the tools and language needed to understand and influence the financial decisions important for your job.

Module 5: Improving Productivity and Quality

In this module you will learn how to translate corporate strategy into operations strategy and why this is relevant whether you are a sales, support, R&D or production manager. You will then learn how to improve day-to-day processes in your unit based on your operations strategy.

Executing for Results

Module 6: Growth is not a Solo Ride: Getting People Onboard

In this module you learn to understand the reasons why behavioral change is so difficult. You learn to differentiate between your managerial role as a promoter of stability and your role as an initiator of change. With an appreciation of the complexity and ambiguity involved in change, you will gain insight into the potential of the positive perspective and strategies of co-creating change.

Module 7: Getting the Message Across

Being effective as a decision maker is about making good decisions as well as getting your message across to your employees, peers and superiors. You will learn how to build a compelling argument and how to improve your communication skills.

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MfG Quick Facts

Experienced managers with a minimum of 5 years management experience

4-month intensive action-learning program including 15 days in-class

When we have enough participants signed up

DKK 59.000 for participants applying, with the consent of their company sponsor.

Academic workload equivalent to 15 ECTS points
9 AUGUST 2020